Southern California Magplane Airport Connections

Airport connections represent an important intermodal connection opportunity for The Magplane. While the capacity of the existing Southern California Region Commercial Airport System is approximately 100 million annual passengers, it is projected that this system will experience a passenger capacity shortfall of one-third by 2020. To meet this rising demand, airport facilities will have to be expanded. In Southern California, where fierce local public opposition is preventing the expansion of Los Angeles International Airport and the relocation of flights to adjacent airports such as John Wayne International or El Toro, The Magplane system enables airport planners to convert distant military bases to civilian use.

Magplane can link the following airports into a single airport network allowing passengers to interconnect to other airports without clearing security, if necessary. In this fashion, The Magplane would become an extension of the taxiways. At 400 km, Los Angeles International Airport connecting passengers would be able to connect to adjoining airports within a half hour or less, roughly the time it takes for the 15th aircraft waiting in line for a congested runway to take off. The strategic location of underutilized March Air Force Base and Palmdale Airport to congested Los Angeles International Airport, San Diego Lindbergh Field, and John Wayne International make available alternative airport options that would be environmentally, economically, and politically, more sustainable. Similar airport capacity problems are occurring across the country.